The 12th MISS Summit Forum


Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines

In this Conference, We plan to have two kinds of session types : One is new knowledge presentation, and another one is panel discussion(for 4 themes)
Since the MISS Summit Forum has accepted any kinds of presentations about the treatment of spinal diseases, you may make any presentation on your current research for any kinds of fields.
In panel discussion, we are planning mass discussions after all presentations.

The conference will decide which session your presentation belongs to.

We would ask you to make a presentation including Videos. It would be greatly appreciated, if your presentation will consist of the following 4 points in older. “Surgery Adaptations”,”Videos of Spinal Surgeries”,”Pictures of comparison between before and after surgeries being done”and”Conclusion”.

1. Endoscopic discectomy for difficult case(PELD, MED, UBE etc.)
2. Endoscopic decompression (MEL, PEL, PSLD, UBE etc.)
3. Endoscopic Fusion (ME-LIF, PE-LIF, PE-lateral LIF, PSLD-LIF, PSLD-ACDF, UBE-LIF etc.)
4. FBSS (MEL, PEL、Epiduroscopy etc.)

Please submit your abstract by June 15th, 2019.

Required Data:
1. Abstract title and Abstract (no more than 400 words)
2. CV
3. Mailing address and email address
4. Telephone number and fax number
5. Photo of your face

※Time length of lecture is within about 10 minutes.

Delegates are more than welcome to submit abstracts.

We hope that many researchers will submit and participate. Kindly note that the acceptance of the abstracts, presentation time, and categories are decided at the discretion of the secretariat.

Application form

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Confirmation letter for your application will be sent to the E-mail address you mentioned in the form. If you don't receive the letter, please contact the secretariat below.

Inquiries about registration

Secretariat: Aichi Spine Institute

Address: 31-1, kamiike, goroumaru, Inuyama-shi, Aichi, 484-0066,Japan
Tel: 0568-20-9100

from overseas
Tel: +81-568-20-9100 / Fax : +81-587-92-3304
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